Paid To Click Builder

Daniel AnayaWelcome to Paid To Click Builder.

This purpose of this site is to teach you how to use PTC sites to make money online. I will describe the features of these PTC sites, such as if they offer rented referrals. I will also show you the cost to upgrade and explore the features you gain as an upgraded member for each PTC site. I will also show you how to use various advertising methods (custom splash pages versus stock affiliate links) and look at a few different types of online advertising to show you how to build a downline and make more money.

The sites I have chosen have been around long enough to have built a good reputation, but I will also offer some suggestions on how to proceed with newer PTC sites that have not been around long enough to build a reputation, good or bad, yet. Once you learn the basics of one PTC site it is easy to learn how to use others and how to identify the ones that offer the best features, and payouts. After I cover all I can about PTC sites I will look at other Paid To opportunities, such as Paid offers, Paid Surveys, Paid Tasks, Paid To Read, and Paid To Surf (Traffic Exchanges that you can also promote your PTC sites on).

I hope you enjoy the site and find the information you are looking for. Also, If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Daniel Anaya